I’ve worked with 100’s of agents, but when i met Deanna I could tell a difference right away. The level of expertise, structure, and effectiveness was noticeably higher. You tell her your real estate goals, and she gets you there. Its that simple! Whether Residential or Commercial, shes your go-to! 🔥🔥🔥”

“Professional, knowledgeable, and extraordinary listening and negotiation skills. We provided our “wish list” and Deanna delivered with amazing results. Supporting staff is just as knowledgeable and responsive. Would recommend to new and seasoned buyers and sellers.”

“Deanna was very thorough in our buying process making sure we understood what was available in the market for the area we wanted. She made the process understandable and even kept the other realtor on their toes. I would highly recommend Deanna to anyone buying a home.”

Deanna is simply amazing and goes above and beyond for you. Truly grateful🙏🏻”

Deanna Bone is a seasoned professional Realestate professional whose knowledge protects both buyers and sellers. VERY impressive!

Deanna Bone works very hard for her client and truly is an expert in her field, she is a full time agent. There is a big difference in a full time real estate agent and a part timer.